About Us

St Joseph,

Our Patron

Saint Joseph is a role model for the students of our school. Jesus' foster father took care of his child with zeal.

He was engaged in the profession of a carpenter in a town called Nazareth, and he walked like 'Kayakave Kailasa'. He was an honest man who followed the will of God.

The children of Jesus grew up under their care, who were faithful and hardworking. We are also enlightened under His divine shelter.

Saint Joseph, who lived a noble life without clinging to the temporary pleasures of this world, lived a humble life and kept charity as his concern, is an ideal person for all of us who are studying.

School Emblem

Our prestigious institute was established in 1957 with a distinctive emblem. Two panels can be seen in the school logo. The above plaque embodies the motto of the organization "Service, the Light of Life". The bottom panel contains the name of the institution.

There are four symbols in this emblem.

I.H.S. : The symbol and the cross not only indicate the Christian faith in Jesus but also the fountainhead of a life of love and sacrifice.

The radiantly shining sun is lively and enthusiastic. He is a symbol of a cheerful life.

A lotus in full bloom represents dedication. An open hand is symbolic of gifts received. It is a symbol of God's abundant blessings and goodness.

Every student studying at St Joseph's School will hope to spread the rays of service all over India and across the world.