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Jesuit Education


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Superior's Message...

Jesuit Education is unique. It carries an inimitable mark and derives its inspiration from St Ignatius, the Educator. The Ignatian pedagogical paradigm not only effectively communicates Ignatian values but also promotes the goal of Jesuit education. This paradigm is legendary as it helps students to gradually learn to be selective in choosing experiences; to draw fullness from the reflection on those experiences and become self-motivated to make conscious, responsible choices. It is this, unique experience that we offer to every student who steps into the portals of St Joseph's School, Hassan.

Dr Daniel Fernandes SJ


Principal Speaks...

St Joseph’s High School (SJHS) at Hassan has a history of more than 60 years. It was started in 1957 with just a few students to begin with. Over the years the name and fame of St Joseph’s High school has spread far and wide. People lined up to get an application for a seat. To be a Josephite was considered an honour. Be it in the field of academics or sports, arts or scientific temper, service or leadership, St Joseph’s was there. If we look at the Alumni/ae of SJHS, they have adorned very high places in society today. Every alumnus/a who enters the portal of their alma mater comes with joy and gratitude for whatever they have received at SJHS. However, with the growth of the city and the blossoming of many a school around this campus, St Joseph’s somewhere down the line lost its original glory. St Joseph failed to evoke in the public the same passion which it did years ago. But history teaches us to recognize the moments of success and learn from the failures an art of resilience.

The pandemic which had made our students, with fear and trembling, stuck indoors, has taught us this art of resilience. Children always waited for the schools to open. The students of today have learnt the art of learning both online and offline. They have learnt to be connected. To be connected is a need of every person today. Whenever an alumnus/a drops in at St Joseph’s, they get excited with their great memories. This website is a step to get all the alumni/ae connected with their alma mater. Dear Josephites, this is where you grew and left behind a legacy of your great memories. Here is an opportunity for you to get connected again with your sweet memories as you browse through this website.

This website is an effort to connect people associated with St Joseph’s in the past, the present and the future. I thank Brother Avin S J and his team who designed this website to be launched on the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola. I wish all the visitors to this website a happy time and lasting joy.

Fr Henry Saldanha SJ

Principal, St Joseph's High School


Companions of Jesus, journeying with others towards integral human liberation

Inspired by the voice of God and partnering with others, we strive to impart holistic education, to form human communities of love (compassion), reconciliation and service and agents of social change